About Us




 Real Estate Agents located in San Antonio, Texas specializing in working with military families that are moving in our out of the area, first time home buyers, luxury buyers and sellers and just ANYONE looking to work with the Best in town.

The Get it Sold Real Estate Team in San Antonio look to make a difference in the lives of those in the market to buy or sell real estate. Our team is here to assist you and we feel once you have given us the opportunity to serve you, your choice will be clear. Having a team working for you and with you is critical in this fast moving market – if you wait a day to see a a home it might be gone!!! And making sure if you are in the market to SELL your home you work with a professional that understands HOW to Get it Sold!!

Created the Elder Resource Group to assist seniors and their families as they make decisions on downsizing or transitioning into an active adult community, independent or assisted living. I truly believe if we help others succeed in their business and lives – we will reap the benefits long term for the seeds we plant today.   Pay it forward is my motto!   Give first.

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients first, making sure we know what it is they are looking for in a home or property (if they are a buyer) and what their motivation is to sell a property – Once we understand our clients than we can focus on being the best real estate agents in San Antonio and doing everything in our power ethically and with purpose.

A little bit about us – Irma and I were married on 10/10/10 so you can bet I would never forget that date.   It’s amazing how you can go through life thinking that you have it all until you meet the one that makes life worth living.   Than you see what a gift we have.   Why am I sharing this with you in my profile?  Because I want you to know what kind of people we are – people that truly care about our clients.